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How to use Harvard referencing style?


Harvard reference style is the most commonly used style, it is a referencing style. It is mainly used in
humanities and social sciences but some businesses and science subjects used it too. There are two
types references in Harvard: In-text citation, which found in the main content of the report or
assignment and another is the reference list, which incorporates at the end of the work And list all
sources of the content mentioned in work.

? Articles
? Books
? And other sources

You can refer directly or indirectly. Indirectly, you refer to the author like you have used the author's
idea but cited him. If you are using directly page number should be used.

1. Articles
Citation for a printed journal
Last name, First name. (Year). Title of Article. Journal name, Volume (Issue), Page/s.
And we talk about citation for articles of the journal on database or websites. The citation in the
reference list does have a few differences, however.
Last name, First name. (Year). Title of Article. Journal name, Volume (Issue), Page/s. Available from: URL.
[Accessed: date].
Citations for Articles quoted in Newspaper – Printed or digitally:
Newspaper citations are similar to journal articles when they are represented digitally; the same
differences in formatting occur, the example below illustrates.
Last name, First name. (Year). Article title. Newspaper name, Page/s.
Last name, First name (Year). Article Title. Newspaper name, Page/s. Fetched from: Journal name/ URL if
easily accessible.

2. Books
References for books with the single writer :
Last name, first name. (Year). Title. Volume (if not the primary edition of the book). Place of publication:
References for books with multiple authors:

Last name, first name., Last name, first name., and Last name, first name. (Year). Title. Place of
publication: Publisher.

3. Another source

References for reports:
Organization /writer or author. (Year). The full title of the report. Place of publication: Publisher.
Reference for dissertation:
Last name of the author, first name. (Year). The topic of the dissertation. Level. Full name of
Citations for presentation
Last name of the author, first name. (Year). Title of Presentation/lecture.
Things to remember
In a list of references, the citation is listed alphabetically by surname of authors. If there is the name of
the same author and multiple citations, then these would be listed in chronological order by its
publication year.


Author: Shraddha Sareen