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the benefits of having an online tutoring

The benefits of having an online tutoring

Nowadays everyone is confined to their homes owing to this pandemic. Everyone resorts to studying and working from home. School Students and college students both are studying online. Moreover, there are a plethora of advantages to learning online. Online tutoring is now simple and made accessible with the latest technology. As of now Online classes is not only the choice but also the obligation of all students and tutors. The Assignment Hub is 24/7 providing online tutoring service. These new technologies are helping every student to keep themselves abreast of their studies. Now, there is no struggle to get lessons. You can get your subject notes even without visiting the school or colleges. Online tutoring is convenient and has many benefits.

Few benefits are given below:

1. It saves time and travel expenses. It is beneficial for both parties. If you are saving time and money, u get respite from Unnecessary expenses. Less travelling on cars or any other vehicles is eco-friendly too.

2. In this situation of Covid-19, you are safe at home. It helps in reducing the risk of this contagious virus and moreover promote healthy learning at home with the Assignment hub and also helps you to follow social distancing.

3. Helps in Eliminating the geographical constraints, Now tutors and learners can find one another from any corner of the world. This means students can easily find the best tutors fitted to their requirements without being restricted by the area in which they are stationed. So, they will get exposure to learning with the help of online study.

4. The entire learning and chapters can be recouped as a PDF and you can do a recording of your class lessons for future reference. Any links and study materials sent via Microsoft teams, Skype chat etc. available at any time in the chat history whenever you need.

5. Utilize online whiteboards and screen sharing can be extremely helpful for teaching and learning tool too. It is useful to explain concepts and charts. Audio and visual aids used to explain all these concepts of lessons. This new technology builds the interest of students in the study.

6. Sharing lessons and resource through cloud storage shared folders such as Dropbox is very effective for students. Tutors can share Dropbox folders with all their students, which contain notes of their syllabus, case study material, past exam papers, practise questions for their exams, sample questions for practice. This practice also helps in keeping everything managed at one place and shareable.

7. The smartly designed classes are always there, anytime, everywhere for you on your smartphones, laptops and tablets. You need not do a lot of paperwork. Just focus on your subjects rather than making notes on paper.

8. Comfort, Convenience and Accessibility are being provided in The Assignment hub online classes and moreover, classes are duly analysed, properly tested, Besides the expertise of Efficient teachers from across the world can also be availed of.

Hence, online teaching is one of the best methods to enhance knowledge during the lockdown. This is the best mode if you are battling with a particular subject of your syllabus,   pick your smartphone or tablet with good internet connectivity and start studying online. Like masks and social distancing, online tutoring and studying are also a new normal for everyone.