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What Is Assignment Writing?

Assignment writing is a way in which we have to first look at the questions or topics and we have to understand what we have to do in it.

Assignments help students to find out in a tutorial context and this may give you tons of skills like researching, writing also as learning more about the way to believe a problem or topic. The Assignment hub providing you with how to work becomes easier if done through the process:

Step 1: Planning

Step 2: Analyze the topic

Step 3: Drafting

Step 4: Finding information

Step 5: Writing

Step 6: Editing and proof-read


The first step is that we have to plan and focus on important points in our assignments. Try to understand that its question based or topic-based or marking based. How many questions? How many words are used per question? How many marks questions?

If there is no marking check the assignment questions to ascertain if the knowledge is there.


Before answering, we need to know what the meaning of question/topic is. Go slowly with the points or understand it well.

  • What is the question/topic?
  • What does the question mean?
  • What do we have to do in question?

Now we have to arrange our ideas about what we have decided. How to use that idea, to write. Which one should we write first and which we may later?


Drafting an assignment will give you a structure to follow in regards to completing your task efficiently so it must be comprised of Introduction (+ 10% of the assignment), Discussion (+ 80% of the assignment), Conclusion (+ 10% of the assignment). {copy text}

Introduction (+ 10% of the assignment) – In this section, the introduction of our topic and some of the main points which we will expand in few words whose purpose will be related to our assignment.

Discussion (+ 80% of the assignment) – Discussion part is the main part of the drafting. This section is divided into a number of paragraphs.  We have to see and decide which point we want to discuss and include a new paragraph of every single point.

Conclusion (+ 10% of the assignment) - Conclusions briefly restate your main argument, evaluate your ideas, and summaries your conclusions. They don’t introduce any new information.


Next, this is the foremost important step of assignment writing during this step of writing, we have to gather all information or research related to the assignment details or topics. Now that we have taken all the information, we go to the next step.


Once you've found the information you need it’s time to bring it all together and write your assignment.

  • All gathered information will bring together and write an assignment.
  • Fill the blanks using the outlines. Write the main points in every section.
  • Write freely, getting as much down as you can without fear about the wording being 100% right.
  • Add references of images, tables and information gathered from the internet or book.



{Once you've written your assignment, you'll improve it by editing and proofreading this time, check your spelling and language structure and consider the words you have utilized. Check your referencing — have you acknowledged all work that isn't, your own? Is your APA referencing correct?


Author: Shardha Sareen